The First Thing You Should Do in Network Marketing

There is a lot of debate about what the first thing someone should do when they join a network marketing company. Some people would argue that they should immediately make a list and contact everyone they know. Others would say it is easier to just spend your first 2 weeks learning about the company and the compensation plan. However, I personally have a different viewpoint.

Over the years I have personally noticed that above all else the one thing that would be the most important thing to do when joining a network marketing company would be to make a commitment. Simply understanding what you are willing to commit to and what you are not willing to commit to will help o=posoitn you from the beginning to understand what you are really getting into. This also is great from a motivational standpoint.

When you have people in your organization that is having a tough time or are frustrated and they contact you for support and help. Rather than feeling the need to constantly motivate them to do better. You can simply review with them what they promised to commit to and identify if they have done a good job sticking to those commitments. This makes success a simple idea of commitment and if they are doing the work they will get the results but if they haven’t got the results its simply because they haven’t been doing the work. It makes the motivational process much more black and white and easier to scale.

Identifying what to commit to first is really important when launching your network marketing business.

[wd_hustle id=’commitment-checklist’ type=’popup’]Download The Commitment Checklist[/wd_hustle] In every episode I like to offer you a free gift that can be immediately applied to your business so you can maximize your results! This week, I wanted to offer you the Commitment Checklist, which is the 24 most important things you should commit to if you want to scale your network marketing business to 6 and 7 figures. These are the same commitments the top leaders in the industry have decided to stick to in order to position themselves as not just the best, but the best LONG term.

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Other Resources That I Use For My Business

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