In this episode, I dive into 3 simple steps that I have used time and time again to cure negative thinking.

Did you know that it takes just 17 seconds to focus on a thought in order for us to get an emotional stimulation from it? So if you can focus on something you actually want for just 17 seconds you can begin to shift your vibrational patterns internally.

But how often do we try and think about the things we want in our lives when all of a sudden a negative thought creeps in and makes those 17 seconds immediately reset?

Well in my life personally, I have found that doing these 3 things have made a dramatic change in my ability to not just cure negative thinking but more importantly start feeling better immediately so I can move forward with my day and get what needs to be done, DONE.


So how do we do this? Well, it starts with my abbreviation AAH. Now, what do I mean by this? First ACCEPT, accept the fact that not just you but everyone in the world is going to have negative thoughts from time to time and that it is actually completely natural. See, it isn’t always about our negative thoughts that we don’t like but its the label we put behind the negative thought; the energy that precedes it.

So first is accepting that we all are going to have negative thoughts and finding a sense of community in knowing that you are not alone in this.


Next ANNOUNCE, so when you have a thought that is negative you say out loud, “I’m having a thought. I notice I am having a thought.” This will immediately position you into the present moment to help you not attach a negative emotion to that thought in the first place. As you begin to consciously announce that statement to yourself when you have a negative thought, watch what begins to happen each time you think of something that is rather unpleasant.


Lastly, is HUNT…hunt for the triggers that cause your negative thoughts in the first place and constantly work on eliminating them. If you hate broccoli you aren’t going to put it in all of your meals, so if you can recognize what thoughts stimulate negative emotions and start working on identifying the triggers that stimulate those thoughts in the first place.